Weird and Wonderful Ways to Charge Mobiles

So recently, scientists have been playing around with natural phenomena and their potential to charge mobiles and other devices.  Two which really stuck out to me were charging mobile phones with urine and lightning….. Lightning As a source of renewable energy, lightning hasn’t really been harnessed as of yet.  I mean, we all know about […]

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David Cameron

Not Your Average Monday Morning

Most people dread coming into work on a Monday.  Well, every now and then, something out of the ordinary happens.  We were told at the end of last week that a cabinet minister was going to come in today, but we had no idea how impressive a character it would be….. So this morning, we […]

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New Beginnings

So it’s the start of the new academic year, Cambridge is buzzing with all the new and returning students.  The office here has had a couple of new faces start in the past couple of weeks (myself being one of them).  I’ve taken over this blog, a challenge for me having never done this before! […]

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5 Top tips for iPad deployments

I found this post on a website called ‘The Evolving Classroom’ and thought it was worth reposting. The original text can be found here: http://theevolvingclassroom.com/2012/04/03/5-tips-for-ipad-deployments/ but we have cut n pasted the body text below.   5 Tips for iPad Deployments Apr3byEvolving Classroom If you are considering iPads as a 1:1 device or purchasing a classroom set […]

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“My iPad charge and sync case charges 16 iPads at 2Amps so how can it only consume a couple of Amps from the 110/240V outlet?”

“My iPad charge and sync case charges 16 iPads at 2Amps so how can it only consume a couple of Amps from the 110/240V outlet?” This is question we get asked regularly by clients and it’s a perfectly valid question! In this document we will explain how this is possible and the simple maths behind […]

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Worlds first user-upgradeable, truly universal USB charging component.

Following on from the phenomenal success of their C3 Apple iPad / iPod Touch Charge and sync product range, Cambrionix is delighted to announce the release of the new U8S 8-Port Universal sync / charge component. The Cambridge based designer of professional USB products has release the new U8S with both Mac and Windows options, a truly universal product for all charge and […]

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Youngsters put their hands to new technology.

There are occasions in everyone’s life when a tsunami of emotions overcomes you and you are powerless to control them. This is as true for a Headteacher as it is for anyone else. All too often the emotions people express are negative – we complain when service is poor; the train is late or someone […]

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