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moto g

Tech for Back to School

It’s hard to believe that the summer holidays are coming ever closer to an end and will soon be over for another year.  Now is probably a good time to start thinking about getting everything ready so the last few days aren’t a panicked rush of “Mum! Where’s this really important thing I couldn’t possibly […]

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Screen shot of the LiveViewer app running on a Mac

Cambrionix Apps

Here at Cambrionix, we are constantly looking for more ways to help our customers. One of the ways in which we do this is through the continued enhancement of our available apps and releasing new ones.  All of these can be found for free on our website, under the download section. Firmware Updater The Cambrionix […]

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The Waitrose concept store in Swindon

Tablets in Retail Through Concept Stores

As with any technology, it creeps into all aspects of our lives and tablets are no different.  They are slowly being adopted into retail in many different ways.  Recent research from Red Ant has found that one in three (34%) of customers think that sales assistants should be armed with tablets to increase customer service.  […]

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NFC payment logo used to identify terminals which accept mobile payments

Mobile Payments

Credit cards might well be a thing of the past soon enough.  Or at least in America that is.  Here in England, we have contactless cards, over the pond in America, they have the option to use mobile payments through things such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay.  But how do they work and what […]

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Wireless charging in action

Problems With Wireless Charging

Everything is going wireless these days, from internet access to headphones and far beyond.  So it’s only natural that charging has come under scrutiny and people have been trying to create wireless charging solutions.  Although it is a fantastic idea, in reality, currently, it is not that great.  But let’s start with what wireless charging […]

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Mobile devices in India

Mobile Devices In India

With the constant improvements in technology and the rapid uptake of this in developing countries, it is interesting to look at the trends that come out of it, such as mobile devices in India and what penetration there is.  Two of the main types of mobile devices are smartphones and tablets.  I’ve chosen to concentrate […]

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Raspberry Pi Logo

Raspberry Pi

Some of you might have seen in the news this week that Raspberry Pi have released a new board: B+.  This is the third iteration of this single board computer in the two and a half years that they have been around.  Before I talk about their wonderful new product, first a quick history of […]

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