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Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II

ThunderSync16 – Increase productivity by 1,500%!

So, how can you work smarter, faster and improve productivity by 1,500%? It’s a very good question and Cambrionix are pleased to announce that we have come up with the answer – ThunderSync16! Thunderbolt Technology As technology continues to rapidly advance, Cambrionix’s mission is to innovate and excel by developing new products to using the very latest […]

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Mobile Devices in Retail create a new user experience

Mobile Devices in Retail – 5 key factors to take into consideration

Mobile Devices in Retail Online retail sales in the UK this year are expected to exceed £60 billion, up nearly 15% on 2015. Retailers are continuing to come under pressure, looking for new ways to attract customers to their physical stores. Retailers are starting to embrace a joined up thinking between their online and store […]

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Maximizing Tablets in the Military and Defense Industries

Mobile technology has revolutionized various industries, including the way the government functions and connects each of its departments. Since 2014, the federal agencies have started adopting mobile devices and their connected technologies, spurred on by the fast pace in which the tech industry. The scope of federal mobile usage is quite broad, with words using […]

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The fear that a low battery instills is somewhat impressive

8 Tips To Make Your Battery Last Longer

Smartphones. They’re a wonderful invention that many of us would struggle to live without.  Most people would love to have a better battery life but sadly a lot of phone makers would prefer to give us a thinner phone.  So how can you make your battery last longer than a day without cracking out the […]

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cutting the cable to make way for wireless charging

USB Wins Again!

Google has backtracked on wireless charging, opting once more to have their phones charged through the more traditional wires.  This decision was made primarily because of USB Type-C.  USB Type-C is the latest iteration of the USB cable and is designed to be better and more powerful than previous versions.  The connector itself is small […]

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singed socket

Dangers of Cheap Chargers

What with the recent fire in Watchet caused by a battery charger, the dangers of cheap chargers has come once more into the fore.  I wrote last year about the tragic fire which took the lives of five people from the same family.  Since then, there have been multiple cases citing cheap chargers as the […]

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Wireless charging in action

Problems With Wireless Charging

Everything is going wireless these days, from internet access to headphones and far beyond.  So it’s only natural that charging has come under scrutiny and people have been trying to create wireless charging solutions.  Although it is a fantastic idea, in reality, currently, it is not that great.  But let’s start with what wireless charging […]

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